Maurin Red Vermouth

Today Vermouth is seeing resurgence due in great part to the mixology movement and the barmen who appreciate the density and aromatic complexity of the vermouth in their cocktails.

In response to this resurgence, the traditional vermouth recipes of the Maurin distillery have been revived for a new line of Maurin Vermouth. These recipes, dating back to the late 1800s and the start of the Maurin brand, are complex formulas that incorporate a blend of wines from various regions, and infusions of provincial spices and flavors such as coriander, cinnamon, gentian, cloves, nutmeg, dry oranges, caramel, absinthe, green cardamom, and lemon.


Dark cherry-red with hints of copper.


Dry fruits, raisins, cherries with boosting mellow bitter spices.


Wide arrays of wine, red fruit, and spices, with a pleasant, lingering bitter finish.

  • Variety

  • Format

    750 ml
  • Alcohol Content

    17% ABV
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