Don Cesar Pisco Puro

Pisco Puro is made from black grapes and is recommended for a variety of cocktail recipes.

Pisco Don César is the best Pisco you can buy. Every year the Sheraton Hotel in Lima, Peru hosts a Pisco Tasting, and for the past eight years Pisco Don César won. Pisco Don César is the only Pisco served there, as in many other great restaurants in Peru.

Pisco Puro is made from the Quebranta grape and is a perfect base for a Pisco Sour.

“As clear and pure as one could hope for; the exotic, perfumed bouquet opens for business with pun- gent scents of grape must and vines --the middle stage nosings resemble old style
grappa quite a bit and, as such, are welcome to the olfactory sense --the final pass uncovers little new other than a trace of orange peel way in the distance --a comely, round, but not fat
bouquet of pleasingly aromatic muscat; in the mouth, the spirity, intensely grapey entry is followed by a sturdy midpalate taste of lovely, ripe muscat --the alcohol level gives the mouth
presence all the structure needed for a delightful pisco experience; the aftertaste is very long, sweetly fruity, ripe, a tad oily, and sound; the dandy choice for your Pisco Sour cocktails.”
-F. Paul Pacult

  • Variety

  • Format

  • Alcohol Content

    43% ABV
  • Supplier

    Cesar Chirarella
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