Busca de Maniban XO No.1 Armagnac Tenareze

Busca X.O. derives its perfect balance from traditional wine making methods and long, patient aging in black casks.

Color: An orange-golden hue. Nose: Candied orange and vanilla. Palate: Long and smooth, with a very mellow woodiness. Distilled for 300 years in the oldest distillery in Gascony, Château du Busca-Maniban armagnacs continue to be produced at the property according to traditional methods. The brandy is aged in oak barrels in the castle cellars. The clay and limestone soil in Ténarèze is exactly the same as in Cognac's top growing regions of Grande Champagne where Ugni Blanc (grapes) reign. Armagnac from Ténarèze ages longer, and, better.

  • Variety

  • Format

  • Alcohol Content

    40% ABV
  • Supplier

    Chateau du Busca-Maniban
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