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Anchor Distilling Cocktail Database

Americana Fizz (Layered Cocktail)

Lynnette MarreroN/AN/AN/APDF
1.5 ozJunipero Gin
.75 ozFresh Lemon Juice
.25 ozSimple Syrup
.75 ozThe Genuine Curacao Liqueur Blue
.5 ozLuxardo Aperitivo
splashPerrier Grapefruit


Luxardo Cherries, Blueberries


Highball Glass

Preparation Instructions

Shake the gin, lemon, and simple syrup ingredients together in a shaker to chill. Gently pour into a highball glass filled with ice and 3/4 oz Curacao Blue. Top the cocktail with 1/2 oz Luxardo Aperitivo. Add a splash of Perrier grapefruit and garnish with Luxardo Cherries and blueberries for color.


Bartender's personal cocktail- contact if changing ingredients.