Produce little; but make it perfect. Concentrate on the essentials; but keep only the exceptional. Devote all your resources to making each cognac a unique work of art.

Back in 1550, the Hine family lived in Beaminster, Dorset, on the south coast of England. The family’s great cognac journey was to begin in the 18th century: Thomas Hine, the father, a linen merchant — and quite a cognac connoisseur — decided to send his son Thomas (one of eleven children) to France to learn French and the art of making cognac; and to evolve “his” cognac for a famous négociant in Bristol.
Thomas, then aged sixteen, left his family home and headed for France, setting foot in Nantes in 1791 in the midst of revolutionary times. From Nantes, he traveled to Bordeaux, where he stayed for a while, before continuing to Jarnac, a small town just east of Cognac. Since 1763, Jarnac had been the base for the négociant’s premises where Thomas was to create his father’s favorite cognac. In the early days, Thomas began his employment as a personal assistant, a respected and worthy position.
Not long after his arrival, Thomas Hine made the acquaintance of Elisabeth, the daughter of the famous cognac négiociant and fell in love. In 1796, at the age of 21, Thomas married Elisabeth and they were to have four children. Because of his knowledge of business and finance and his strong work ethic, his mother-in-law choseThomas — rather than one of her own sons — to take charge of the family cognac business when Elisabeth's father passed away.
In 1817, Thomas gave his name to the company: Thomas Hine & Co. Just a few years later, in 1822, he became seriously ill from a cold and died of pneumonia at the age of 47, thirty years after he first arrived in Jarnac. Thirty years that had a unique influence on the history of cognac. His eldest son, Thomas Georges, just old enough to take over the reins of the company was to succeed him, thus continuing the extraordinary story of the Hine family and HINE cognac — today with in its sixth generation. Since the very beginnings in 1763, the company has made exceptional cognacs which are shipped around the world. The expertise of the family ancestors continues to live on through Thomas Hine’s direct descendants.

HINE is the privileged owner of an exceptional 297 acres estate, Domaines HINE, at the heart of Grande Champagne, the finest cognac cru. Situated in the small parish of Bonneuil, the gentle slopes of the HINE estate overlook the picturesque Colinaud valley. The estate is planted with 173 acres of vines with an average age of 25 years and the remaining land is covered in woodland to protect the local flora and fauna and favor biodiversity.

The enchanting style of its elegant cognacs has formed the essence of HINE's prestige. Ageing in French oak barrels with delicate tannins, HINE cognacs evolve their delicate fruity aromas and subtle perfumes. A HINE Cognac, like a fine perfume, takes you on a journey of discovery, a sensuous and evocative experience.

Key to this experience is the HINE palette of aromas:
Spicy notes: warm, aromatic hints of spices and pepper - Oriental notes: opulent, sensual, rich and exotic - Floral notes: heavy scent of flowery perfumes - Fruity notes: characteristic hints of peaches, plums and tropical fruits.