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Ronnie Cox – Brand Heritage Director of The Glenrothes // Anchor Distilling Co. Podcast #3

Anchor Distilling Co. Director of Education Alan Kropf interviews The Glenrothes Brand Heritage Director Ronnie Cox about The Glenrothes, including an exploration of the concept of vintage single malt, speyside for beginners, and the story behind the infamous red socks. #RedSocksRonnieCox!

Breakdown of Episode:
0:29 – The Story Behind the Red Socks
2:15 – Vintage Whisky Explained
8:16 – The Characteristics of The Glenrothes
11:48 – The Glenrothes Select Reserve
14:20 – The Heritage of The Glenrothes
18:06 – Speyside According to Ronnie
24:10 – The Glenrothes Vintage 2001
28:50 – The Glenrothes Vintage 1992 Ed.2
30:50 – Ronnie’s Thoughts on the Evolution of Whisky Culture

Anchor Distilling Company Named Importer of the Year by Whisky Magazine

Importer of the Year by Whisky Magazine

We’re excited to see that Anchor Distilling Company was named Whisky Importer of the Year by Whisky Magazine, saying:

“Anchor began proving itself as an innovator in 1996 when it produced such notable whiskies as the Old Potrero Rye whiskies using a small copper pot still and 100% rye mash in the tradition of America’s early distillers.” Since then, Anchor has come a long way. With the amalgamation of Anchor Distilling Company, Anchor Brewing Company, Berry Bros. & Rudd and Preiss Imports, this company prides itself on importing handcrafted, artisanal products from multigenerational family-owned companies.

That wasn’t Anchor’s only mention in this year’s awards, with Westland Distillery’s Emerson Lamb being nominated as American Whiskey Ambassador of the Year and Anchor Distilling Company being nominated for Whisky Distributor of the Year.

Bruce Joseph, Head Distiller At Anchor Distillery // Anchor Distilling Co. Podcast #2

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Here is a breakdown of the episode:
0:29 – The Creation of Junipero Gin
3:25 – The Junipero Gin Recipe
5:17 – The Cultural Context of When Junipero Gin was Created
6:34 – Comparing Gin Culture Then & Now
8:25 – The Pronunciation of Junipero
9:44 – The Junipero Still
11:36 – Anchor Old Tom Gin
14:46 – Anchor Hophead Vodka
16:58 – Thoughts on the Process of Creating New Spirits
17:40 – Anchor Genevieve Genever-style Gin
20:02 – The Genevieve Still Head
24:15 – The Grain Neutral Spirit Used
25:05 – Bruce’s Perspective on Spirits Culture Today
27:06 – Bruce’s Favorite Aspect of His Job
29:06 – Anchor Christmas Spirit

Chinaco Tequila & Zane Lamprey: Counting Crows & Mike Goldman

Chianco and Zane Lamprey

Our old friend Zane Lamprey has continued on his Chinaco-journey-of-discovery, tasting the ultra-premium tequila from Tamaulipas with the fine gentlemen from Counting Crows as well as a couple of his friends from Australia on three recent episodes of his podcast.

From Zane Lamprey Podcast Episode 30: “You want to chase that with lime, salt, a whistle and a towel around your head.

Wow. That is an awesome tasting note.

Check out two other recent Zane Lamprey Podcast episodes featuring Chinaco Tequila as well:

Zane Lamprey Podcast Episode 31

Zane Lamprey Podcast Episode 32

INFOGRAPHIC: Did you know it takes four years to make Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur?

Luxardo Four Years

The great David Wondrich of Esquire fame sums up Luxardo Maraschino well, saying, “An object of cult worship among mixologists. its presence is as good as a sign saying EXCELLENT DRINKS MADE HERE.” If you’ve spent any time imbibing in finer cocktail bars around the world, odds are you’ve enjoyed this historic liqueur for yourself, with The Aviation cocktail being a popular choice.

But do you know how it’s made? If not, you’re in luck, because the four-year process is summarized in the above infographic, with the production process remaining unchanged since 1821.