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John Troia – CoFounder of Tempus Fugit Spirits // Anchor Distilling Co. Podcast #7

Anchor Distilling Co. Director of Education Alan Kropf interviews Tempus Fugit Spirits CoFounder about Gran Classico and Kina L’Aero D’Or and the vision behind these historical products.

Breakdown of Episode:
1:08 – What is Gran Classico?
13:05 – Did Gran Classico have Cultural Relevance Prior to its Recent Reintroduction by Tempus Fugit?
14:31 – Bartenders Embracing Gran Classico
16:23 – Launching Gran Classico
17:31 – Gran Classico Application
19:48 – Surprising Applications of Gran Classico
20:58 – The Power of Old World Recipe Development
23:27 – Bottle Maturation & Bottle Variation with Natural Color
25:34 – Gran Classico Bottle Maturation
27:00 – Tempus Fugit Kina L’Aero d’Or
35:20 – Where and When would John Travel Back in Time for a Drink Experience?
37:20 – Historical Accuracy of Historically-based Products
41:54 – The Evolution of Liqueurs & Modifiers

C. Drouin Calvados Featured in the New York Times

In Normandy, Young Ambition Stirs a Traditional Brandy

Jason Wilson is no stranger to Calvadoas, as evidenced by his poetic views on the category expressed in his phenomenal book, Boozehound. We were excited to see him follow up with a recent New York Times article about the new movement of next generation Calvados producers.

From the article:
Guillaume Drouin, 36, the third-generation distiller, had been pouring me vintages dating back to the mid-20th century. The 1992 was pretty and austere, the 1986 big and floral, and the 1961 profound. But I kept circling back to the 1963, and begging Mr. Drouin for just a little more. It was one of the strangest, most complex spirits I’d encountered: aromas and flavors of both forest and bakery — butterscotch, pine, mushroom, chocolate, exotic spices — and, above all, the taste of the greatest fresh apple tart. Every time I came back to the glass, there was something different, and the finish stayed with me long after I was done.

“A Calvados like this is more complex than even a premier cru of Bordeaux or Burgundy,” Mr. Drouin said. “This has the same level of ambition.”

So, then, the obvious question: Why don’t more people know about Calvados?

Check out the full article in the New York Times.

Alyssa Rapp – Founder & CEO, Bottlenotes & The Proof // Anchor Distilling Co. Podcast #6

Anchor Distilling Co. Director of Education Alan Kropf interviews The Proof Founder & CEO Alyssa Rapp about the launch of her new spirits media platform and her ever expanding empire of beverage media. Apologies about the weird audio, my equipment pulled a Hal from 2001 and became self-aware and turned on me and we had to roll with the on-camera audio, so it’s a bit noisy but definitely workable.

Breakdown of Episode:
0:43 – What is Bottlenotes’ new spirits platform?
1:09 – The Proof & targeting women
2:32 – The decision to venture into spirits media
3:46 – The amazingness of Karen MacNeil
6:26 – Contrasting wine & spirits culture
8:23 – Favorite spirits and cocktails
9:22 – The Bottlenotes collection of media platforms
12:07 – Getting into the beverage space
13:22 – Technology empowering the Bottlenotes vision
15:09 – Unique opportunities with spirits culture
16:48 – Spirits events
18:30 – National vs. International Audience

Matthew Hofmann – Master Distiller, Westland Distillery // Anchor Distilling Co. Podcast #5

Anchor Distilling Co. Director of Education Alan Kropf interviews Westland Distillery Master Distiller Matthew Hofmann about the creation of Westland American Single Malt and his recent whisky-fueled world travels.

Breakdown of Episode:
0:40 – Matthew’s World Whisky Travels
2:54 – The Influence of Whisky Travel on Matthew’s Work
3:35 – The Research Behind the Creation of Westland American Single Malt
5:02 – Becoming a Distiller
6:39 – Figuring out the Westland Vision
8:23 – Westland American Single Malt
10:50 – Communicating About Whisky
11:48 – Finalizing the Westland American Single Malt Recipe
13:38 – Westland Peated
15:07 – Maturation in Hoquiam, Washington
17:18 – Westland Sherry Expression

Emerson Lamb – President, Westland Distillery // Anchor Distilling Co. Podcast #4

Anchor Distilling Co. Director of Education Alan Kropf ventures up to Seattle, Washington to interview Westland Distillery President Emerson Lamb about the creation and launch of Westland American Single Malt Whiskey.

Breakdown of Episode:
0:55 – Westland’s emergence into the American whiskey scene
2:18 – The meaning of “American Single Malt”
3:35 – The global research efforts behind Westland
5:16 – The evolution of expectations through the research process
7:03 – The Westland American Single Malt
9:45 – Westland’s initial launch
11:50 – The Westland national launch
13:52 – Emerson’s collaboration with Matt Hofmann
15:07 – Being young in the whiskey industry
16:30 – Innovation within tradition
18:35 – Westland’s family heritage
22:00 – Visiting Westland Distillery
23:15 – The Westland visitor’s experience
24:45 – Preview of Westland Peated
26:36 – Thoughts on the Anchor Distilling Co. portfolio of whiskey