Anchor Distilling Company

Noah Rothbaum: From the ADC Archives


As Director of Education here at Anchor Distilling Company, I get around the world of spirits and cocktails quite a bit. The upside to this is that I get to see a lot of the world’s spirits and cocktail culture, often conducting video interviews along the way. The downside is that sometimes we need to play catch up with interviews we did along the way but never had the chance to post.

As is the case this week, as I revisit a series of interviews I did in New York City in April 2014 as I embarked on a world tour of Anchor distilleries. These conversations are with some truly exceptional spirits-related individuals, starting with this conversation with Noah Rothbaum, which is actually quite appropriate in timing as he prepares to release his new book next month, “The Art of American Whiskey: A Visual History of the Nation’s Most Storied Spirit, Through 100 Iconic Labels“. Pre-order the book now and check out the video to learn more about Mr. Rothbaum’s world.