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The Alcohol Professor Visits Westland Distillery


Single in Seattle- a Visit to Westland Whiskey Distillery

The Alcohol Professor is a great portal for drink-related knowledge, and is the brainchild of Adam Levy, a true evangelist of all things beverage. He runs several industry-focused beer / wine / spirits competitions, most notably the New York International Spirits Competition.

So we were excited to see “Visiting Professor” Keith Allison write about a recent trip he took to Westland Distillery, saying:

“While the function of whiskey press as an industry watchdog is, ultimately, a good thing that will, I think, result in some much needed changes to certain shady aspects of the business, it can be exhausting. It can be easy to forget that sometimes, you just want to sit back and be excited and happy about something.

Which is why my first sip of Westland, a west coast single malt made near Seattle, Washington, was such a delight.”

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